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Happy batch day!!

Posted by Balaji R on September 16, 2010

Remembering the sweet moments when we entered into college on Sep 16 2004.  Always nice to cherish the happy days of college life. Let’s share our first day sweet moments in this post.


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Hi there…

Posted by Balaji R on July 27, 2009

Well, more than a year we don’t have any big updates in our blog and no one knows what to update and no suggestions so far. Apdinalum nanga vida matomla…. I know everyone of us is still struggling to fit in a good job. In the mean while we had lot of (vetti) meetings in Chennai 😛 Guys wanna update something in blog as it’s in hibernate mode for a very long time.

So here am publishing some of pictures taken during our get together in this fast and mechanical life. I invite more photos. If you can send it to my email I’m ready to publish here and any suggestions to keep this blog alive are absolutely welcome. I know most of you are visiting the blog at least once in a week to check the updates but I still don’t understand why most of us not ready to comment for a simple question ‘what are you doing?’ Only three or four of the guys are commenting. Anyways hope everyone is fine there and I wish the same. Take care.







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Graduation Day

Posted by Balaji R on April 13, 2009

It’s been very long time I’ve published post in our blog. I know that everyone is waiting for this post eagerly. I just waited to get more pictures. But seems it will take some time. Here we go!!

The most awaited graduation day for 2008 batch of PSNA CET held on April 2. It’s really a good moment to meet all friends in the college after a year. Graduation Day Chief Guest is Anna University vice chancellor Dr.Mannar Jawahar. Here are some pictures of our friends.

PS :Any suggestions and comments are welcome to make this blog alive forever.


itbuds_convocation1 itbuds_convocation2 itbuds_convocation3







Will try to publish some more pictures ASAP.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome to make this blog alive forever.

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Life after college life

Posted by Balaji R on July 26, 2008

Dear buddies, in this post write about what you are currently doing… If you entered into corporate life write about that too.. Write by commenting….


anonymous (unnamed, meaningless, stupid) comments will not be entertained here..
Will be deleted. No moderation.

Dear friends if you wanna comment please enter your name and comment. Hope everyone will co-operate

Thanks & Regards,
Teky 🙂

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Things to be done as a fresher in job

Posted by Balaji R on June 12, 2008

When you are just out of college and into your first job, savings and investments are the last things on your mind. It’s usually the latest gizmos or a sale at the neighborhood mall or the latest movies or the hottest motorbike/mobile/car that captures the attention. And you can’t really blame anyone for that.

When you only have these objects of desire being advertised in the media, who has time for boring tasks like savings and investments. For that matter if you are busy spending on these objects of desire, who has any money left for savings and investment?

Even when savings and investments do get a share of the youth’s attention, it usually has a tax-saving angle. Thank god for taxes, without it most of us would not have invested at all! To be sure, there are plenty of reasons to save and invest and tax-saving is probably last in our list of reasons.


No matter how spendthrift most of us are with our money, we would have to be really reckless to end up with zero savings. And if you do manage to save after being spendthrift, you need to put that money away somewhere so that it helps you meet your future needs and aspirations. That’s where investing comes in the picture.

Investing not only helps you keep your money at arms length from you, it also helps it grow. And if you have invested wisely, it can grow to something significant. Investing is a conscious decision to set money aside for a long enough periods in an avenue that suits your risk profile.

Such avenues could include equities, mutual funds, fixed deposit, real estate and bonds. If you only learnt about the fruits of investing, we are willing to wager a bet many youths would willingly sacrifice their dreams of buying the fanciest gizmos at the altar of this very unexciting activity.

Wealth accumulation

Most of us no matter how affluent come across several stages in our lives when we need a large sum of money. This could be while buying a house or a car, marriage, education and most importantly retirement. Arranging for a large sum of money at a short notice can be quite demanding, and often, impossible.

However, if you were aware of the milestone and started preparing yourself (financially that is) to provide for it, it could get a lot simpler.

Investing helps you achieve that. By setting aside money regularly over a period of time, you can accumulate wealth to meet your financial commitments. For that to happen, you must be disciplined enough not to dip into your investments to buy the latest mobile or for that matter not get carried away and invest in the hottest investment tip of the day.

Of course, just investing money consistently is not good enough; you still have to make the right investment decisions.


Investing has an important role to play in protecting the value of your money. Most of us are so busy with our work that we realize only later that the money we have can no longer buy what it used to. It’s because things have got ‘too expensive’.

This phenomenon can be explained in just one word – inflation. Inflation is like a silent assassin that damages without even letting people know it was there. To go one up on inflation, you need to make your money grow fast enough so that it can still buy what it used to and more. For that you need to invest money regularly over the long term.

Put simply, if inflation is eating into the value of your money at 5 per cent per annum, you need to invest your money in an investment that will give you a return of over 5 per cent p.a. to preserve the purchasing power of your money. Of course, this may sound a little complicated now, but your financial advisor should be able to help you with an investment plan that can counter inflation effectively.


By far, tax-saving is the most compelling reason for most investors to set aside money for the long term. In our view, tax benefits should be the last reason why you need to save and invest. Think about it, why should you need a tax sweetener from the government to save and invest your own money? What if the government was to withdraw or dilute some of these tax breaks, does that mean you stop investing altogether or dilute your investing activity?

As things stand today, investing can reap some great tax benefits (more on that in another article), but we would advise investors to invest regardless of the tax benefits and look at the other three reasons we have highlighted.

Benefits of an early start

How many times have you heard this – you are young and have time on your side? While you may have heard this in context of something totally different, the good news is that having time on your side is a big plus even with investing. In fact with time, your investments could assume some gigantic proportions. For that to happen, you need only to be patient and disciplined.

We have a small illustration to underline the importance of an early start; that is what we mean by ‘having time on your side’. As investors who are young, into their first jobs, with minimal domestic commitments, you have both time and money on your side.

The early bird offer




Amount invested (Rs per annum)




Tenure of investment (years)




Returns (% per annum)




Maturity amount (Rs)




Maturity amount (Rs)




% of Amar’s investment




Commenced investing after Amar’s (years)




In our illustration, you have three friends – Amar, Akbar and Anthony. Amar is the savings-conscious youth who has heard from his father about the benefits of saving and investing. He embarks on an investment plan of 25 years; every year he plans to invest Rs 10,000.

Akbar is a little spendthrift with his money. At the end of the month, he does not have a lot of savings to show for. However, he turned a new leaf in Amar’s company and embarked on an investment plan similar to that of his friend. This he did a good five years after Amar had initiated his own investment plan.

Anthony is the most ‘careless’ of the trio when it comes to saving. He believes in living in the present. He did however, initiate an investment plan; only thing it took him 10 years from the time Amar started, to appreciate the virtues of investing.

It’s apparent from the numbers who will have the last laugh. Amar for sure will be most pleased with his investment plan. Akbar will be a little confused and is likely to have some questions the most important of which is why just a 5-yr head start by Amar has led him to accumulate 70 per cent more wealth than him.

Anthony of course, has paid the price for waking up to the benefits of investing too late in the day. Just a 5-yr delay has seen him accumulate only about 55 per cent of Akbar’s wealth. A 10-yr delay has seen him manage only about 32 per cent of Amar’s wealth.

So where did Akbar and Anthony go wrong? It’s the timing or rather the lack of it. To reiterate a point we made at the beginning of the illustration – it pays to have time on your side while investing, since the power of compounding is really apparent over long periods of time.

If two individuals invest consistently over a period of time, the one who started investing earlier will make more money. In our illustration, a ‘small’ 5-yr difference in their investment tenures has resulted in Amar, the earliest bird, garner 70 per cent more wealth than Akbar.

So while investing is concerned it makes more sense than most people realize to get in the race as soon as possible. In this context, begin investing at the first hint of any savings. If you don’t have any savings then create some. But at any cost, do not delay implementing that investment plan because your time already started yesterday.

Hope I’ve thrown some sparks!! All the best!!!

Compiled by our senior Mr.Thiruppathi

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Flying out!!

Posted by Balaji R on May 18, 2008

Our final exam end on May 7th. When we are writing the last exam on that day, at the end of exam time there was a heavy rain in our college. In this hot summer heavy raining!!! It seems us that cloud is crying with us for the end of our college life ;) Chumma our scene 😛

Canteen coffee, classroom comments, staff kita matama thrillana kadalai, stone bench veti pechu and sightings, vethu project, unreasonable treats, unlimited messaging, o.d gra perula suthurathu, message passing during class hours(faster than SMS), midnight walkings, group chat in the name of group study, browsing during lab hours, onume padikama attend panra internal tests, every brick in the college premises, friends flying different directions… Everything will be missed.

Wishing the ITbuds to blossom forever.

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Farewell – Official!!

Posted by Balaji R on May 17, 2008

Yep! This is an official farewell 😉 On 18th April we had farewell for our batch(2004-2008 ) in the auditorium which was organized by alumni association. As usual some formal speeches were there. Then students are asked to give feedback about their 4 years of life in PSNACET. Principal got HOT feedbacks 😛 from guys. Thank you friends for expressing everyone’s thoughts. Then they provided dinner for all the students. That’s it. Publish panra mathri photos illa 😉

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Final day Classroom Life

Posted by Balaji R on May 8, 2008

Final day classroom life was memorable too. After enjoyed well in our farewell all were in a happy mood. Then we had secret friendship game for the two weeks before last working day which was initiated by palani. This secret friendship game failed for the past two times(second & third year) and finally we have good response somewhat in the final sem. That is cool. Whenever we had freetime we had open talk too, in which everyone shared their college memories. That is very touching and many amazing and funny facts were revealed 😛

At last on April 3rd was the last working day. Nice day. We cut cake and this time we all ate that believe it 😛 Then we had group photo session. Most of the girls cried for missing classroom life. No one had heart to go out of the class on that day. As no more classroom life after that 😦 We all gonna miss it….

What appears to be the End,

May really be a new beginning…

When there is class,
heart doesn’t want to go,

When there is heart,
there is no more class to go,

Tearful End of College life… (

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In memory of Saran Githu Sen

Posted by Balaji R on April 6, 2008

Saran Githu Sen a Final Year CSE guy met with an accident and passed away on April 05 2008.


Life’s a ticking clock, forever changing
Yet it still brings shock, so soul deranging
To hear that you are gone

Visions engross my mind;
The cries of the family you’ve left behind
In our hearts you still belong

Life’s a ticking clock

This world deployed a kind young boy
Into the arms of devastation,
So now I pray, God lights the way
To a peaceful congregation

Where with the angels you will fly
By the wings that were always there
Your warmth will light up our darkened sky
You were just a boy; life’s so unfair

Why does the sun rise,
only to set again too soon?
Why do the stars twinkle,
only to fade away with the moon?

It wasn’t your time to go,
And with each day we’ll miss you so

May your soul rest in peace and let the almighty take care of your family.

-Final Year Students

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ITbuds Collections – All Time Statistics

Posted by Balaji R on March 25, 2008

This blog ITbuds Collections was created on March 12 2007. So after celebrating the first birthday silently for this blog we are ready to reveal some interesting statistics of this blog that we got. WordPress will provide all the statistics for the admin. But I just want to show you all those reports publicly in time of ITbuds Collections first birthday. ‘Coz I don’t know that what to post in this blog after our college life. So we won’t get much traffic. Here are the statistics we got up to editing this post.


Total Views: 5,283 hits

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Esuse me…….


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Most commented(wanted 😛 ) post Final Countdown 16 comments

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These are the statistics report that we got. Reached 5000 hits in such a short period. I take this opportunity to thank co-author of this blog Palaniappan. And thank you my friends(ITbuds) who visited the blog and read our posts and pages patiently 😛 Thanks for commenting. Also I like to thank all our seniors and juniors for visiting ITbuds collections and commenting. Thank you other regular readers.

We don’t have any idea about what to post in this blog after the end of our college life. So if you have any idea kindly let us know by commenting. Thank you.

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